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PERSPECTIVES: George Johnson


 In a rebroadcast from Sept. 28, 2013, Louie talks with George Johnson, author of "The Cancer Chronicles: Unlocking Medicine's Deepest Mystery."  Johnson talks about his interest in the disease, which has been traced back to the days of the dinosaurs.  He talks about why certain ethnic groups may be prone to certain kinds of cancers, and how a Western diet could drastically alter those risks.  But during Johnson's research for the book, he also discovered that a high diet of fruits & vegetables doesn't always lead to reduced risks for cancer.

Johnson also shares the personal story that led him to want to write this book - his wife at the time, only 43 years old, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  (10 years later, she is cancer-free).  Also, while writing the book, Johnson's brother was diagnosed with an aggressive mouth cancer which claimed his life within months.  These memories are included in the book.  http://talaya.net/

Aired Dec. 7, 2013.