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FOCUS ON CAMPUS: "Midnight in Mexico" released in Spanish

Jun 27, 2014

Credit --Random House
now in paperback
Credit --Random House
Credit --alfredocorchado.com

Louie talks with longtime friend and colleague Alfredo Corchado about the recent yearlong book tour supporting "Midnight in Mexico: A Reporter's Journey Through A Country's Descent into Darkness," including the recent release of the book in paperback form, and being printed now in Spanish. They also talk about the formation of the Somos Fund, a nonprofit venture that supports the victims of violence in Ciudad Juarez by offering college and university scholarships. And, there is discussion about the rights of the book being sold to develop into a major motion picture. A portion of the interview is also conducted in Spanish.

For information on the books, or to contact Alfredo directly, http://alfredocorchado.com/midnight-in-mexico-a-reporters-journey/