KTEP - El Paso, Texas

FOCUS ON CAMPUS: International Students

Rosa Meguerian-Faria

  Louie talks with Rosa Meguerian-Faria, Global Outreach Manager with the UTEP Graduate School.  Rosa talks about the difficulties some international students face in finding themselves in completely different cultural surroundings.  A native a Brazil, Rosa  experienced these feelings herself when she first came to the U.S.  Rosa is asking interested individuals to volunteer their time to help international students adjust to their new surroundings by helping them with daily tasks, sharing meals with them, and other activities.  Information:  Rosa Meguerian-Faria 915-747-6892, email rmeguerianfaria@utep.edu.  Information on Miner Trotter is available here: https://minetracker.utep.edu/organization/minertrotter

Aired Jan. 31, 2014.