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ON FILM: All Cheerleaders Die

Still from "All Cheerleaders Die"


   Charles talks with filmmaker & animator Zach Passero, who served as editor for the camp horror flick "All Cheerleaders Die."  Zach talks about the evolution of the movie and the slap-dash efforts to finish the film before its premiere at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, where it received rave reviews.   Editing is a little-known, yet important, element of the filmmaking process, and Zach talks about how he approaches editing.  

To view some of Zach's other projects, including the animated story of a boy and his burro, "Mi Burro," visit http://zaebop.wix.com/burroboy; or to view the video for "PermaWar" he produced for the metal band Ministry, visit 

Aired Sept 14, 2013.