KTEP - El Paso, Texas

EL PASO PRIME TIME: Mesa Street Rapid Transit System Public Meetings

May 4, 2013

Dennis talks to Laura Cruz-Acosta, Sun Metro Director of Communications, and Margaret Schroeder, El Paso City Engineering and Construction Management, about two upcoming public meetings that will address the upcoming Mesa St. construction of bus stations along an eight-mile route from Downtown El Paso to the Westside Transit Terminal on Remcon Circle. The meetings are scheduled for Monday, May 6, at Mesita Elementary School, from 5:30-7:30 pm; and Tuesday, May 7, at Morehead Middle School, from 6-8 pm. For more information, you may call Sun Metro Customer Relations at (915)533-3333 during regular business hours.

Also on the show, from January 4, 2013, host Louie Saenz talks to renowned radio host and author Ken Hudnall about one of his recent books, "History and Mystery of the Rio Grande." His website is http://kenhudnall.com

Aired May 4, 2013.