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Dance Yourself Ecstatic To Danish Post-Punks Lød's 'Folder'

May 10, 2017
Originally published on May 10, 2017 8:25 am

"Sounded." That's a rough translation of Lød from Danish and one way to think about the ominous, electric shadows cast by this new post-punk band. Formed in Copenhagen by classmates, Lød first took its cues from Iceage and the surrounding scene before ditching the noise and locking into a motorik groove. The band's self-titled EP comes out mid-summer, and will send you into a trance.

The eight-minute "Folder" finds a nook between Joy Division and NEU!, Søren Gade howling over a frenetic, repetitive riff that can shake the bones out of your body. But somewhere in the middle, "Folder" turns the motorik mode into a madcap keyboard-banged boogie.

Lød's debut EP comes out June 30 on Tough Love (worldwide) and Part Time (Denmark).

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