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Bee Bee Sea Flings A 'Sonic Boomerang' Of Psychedelic Punk

Nov 8, 2017

Sonic Boomerang: Is that, like, Sonic the Hedgehog's new weapon? A new shake from that burger drive-in? Psychedelic punk-rock whipped into the abyss and returned with aerodynamic force?

On the title track from Bee Bee Sea's new album, you get 10 seconds before the drums kick into a motorik rhythm — a psychedelic speedway rammed through by the frenetic spit of punk. Bee Bee Sea makes a kind of revved-up garage-punk leaked from the mutant brains of Thee Oh Sees and Black Lips — bands with which the Northern Italian trio has toured — with a little bit of The Cramps' psycho-surf and Can's hypno-funk. For the next five minutes, don't take your hands off the wheel — you might fall into a pit of stabbing guitars or heavy tides of rolling bass.

Sonic Boomerang comes out Nov. 17 via Dirty Water and Wild Honey (pre-order).

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