KTEP - El Paso, Texas

ACT RADIO: Vegetarianism and the Environment

  Greg, Liz, and Tom welcomes back Richard Schwartz, president of the Jewish Vegetarians of North America.  Schwartz is the author of many publications on vegetarianism & Judaism and has shared most of them online at http://www.jewishveg.com/schwartz/.  On today's show, he talks about how crucial it is for the world to adopt a plant-based diet in order to prevent a climate catastrophe.  Animal agriculture is a greater contributor to climate change than vehicular traffic, and cattle raised for slaughter use up a tremendous amount of resources such as water & grain.  Schwartz also talks about how difficult it is for many religious leaders to preach a compassionate diet to their congregation, even though many religious writings promote compassion in all its forms.  Learn more about Schwartz's efforts to heal the environment by applying Jewish values at http://whostolemyreligion.blogspot.com/.

Aired July 28, 2013.