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ACT RADIO: Un-Cooped

Greg & Tom talk with Carolyn Merino Mullin, Executive Director of the National Museum of Animals & Society, and Abbie Rogers, Collections Manager at the museum.  They talk about a current exhibition at the museum, "Un-Cooped," which explores the cultural attitudes society holds towards the chicken, one of the most undervalued of all domesticated animals.  Carolyn & Abbie talk about how most of us aren't exposed to chickens as our ancestors once were, so we don't tend to think twice about the abuse they suffer at factory farms.  They also discuss the chicken-related colloquialisms we work into our every day language: "don't be a chicken," "she flew the coop," "don't get cocky," etc.  To learn more about the exhibit, visit http://uncooped.org Aired May 26, 2013.