KTEP - El Paso, Texas

ACT RADIO: South Korean Dog Meat Trade

Credit Animal Welfare Institute

  Tom & Liz talk with Rosalyn Morrison, Legislative Assistant, Government & Legal Affairs, Animal Welfare Institute (AWI).  Rosalyn lived in South Korea for 2 years beginning in 2009 and encountered dog farms where dogs are kept in terrible conditions prior to their slaughter for their meat.  Many of these dogs are family pets, often picked up off the streets.  Rosalyn also tells us about the consumption of cats in South Korea, where they are often eaten in a soup or drink to cure rheumatism.  She talks about AWI's efforts to heighten awareness of the cruelty of the dog & cat meat trade in South Korea and other Asian nations.  To learn more, visit https://awionline.org/dogmeat.

Aired Feb. 23, 2014.