KTEP - El Paso, Texas

ACT RADIO: Robin Lamont


   Greg, Liz, and Tom talk to Robin Lamont about her novel, "The Chain," which tells the story of an animal welfare investigator who is summoned to a meat packing town to meet with a whistleblower, but the whistleblower is dead and his undercover footage is missing.  Robin talks about the real-life undercover investigations which inspired her new work of fiction, and why "The Chain" is just the first in a series of books about animal welfare investigator Jude Brannock.  Robin also tells us about the various careers she's had, ranging from Broadway actress (in the original production of "Godspell" - make sure to listen to Robin singing "Day by Day" at the end of this episode!), to private investigator, to prosecutor.  http://www.animalsuspense.com/

Aired Jan. 26, 2014.