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ACT RADIO: Rip Esselstyn

Rip Esselstyn

  Greg, Liz, and Tom talk with Rip Esselstyn, a former triathlete, firefighter, and author of "The Engine 2 Diet" and "My Beef with Meat."  Rip talks about the whole foods, plant-based diet that has fueled his athletic career as a triathlete, and how he shared his ideas with his fellow firefighters at the Engine 2 fire department in Austin TX.   Rip advises athletes who wish to transition to a whole foods, plant-based diet that they must make sure to consume enough calories to match that of a traditional diet, and stay away from vegan foods loaded with preservatives and fat.  Learn more about Rip Esselstyn and The Engine 2 Diet at http://engine2diet.com/.

Aired Aug. 10, 2014.