KTEP - El Paso, Texas

ACT RADIO: Maximum Tolerated Dose

Tom & Greg talk with filmmaker Karol Orzechowski, director & producer of "Maximum Tolerated Dose," a feature-length documentary which follows the scientists & researchers who worked directly with animal experimentation in laboratories, and whose ethical concerns caused them to chose a different path.  Orzechowski talks about the experiences of some of these scientists, and explains why much of the research done on lab animals is not medical nature. www.maximumtolerateddose.org

Plus, Adirenne Lusk, coordinator of the Texas Veg Fest in Austin TX, gives us a brief overview of the April 6 event which features a tremendous lineup of live music, food, cooking demos, guest speakers, and more.  www.texasvegfest.com

Aired March 24, 2013.