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ACT RADIO: The Cheesy Vegan

Cheesy Vegan Mac & Cheese


   Greg, Liz, and Tom talk with John Schlimm, author of the new cookbook, "The Cheesy Vegan."  This butcher's son talks about his road to a cruelty-free lifestyle and why he dedicates his three vegan cookbooks to all the animals.  Since cheese is usually the hardest food for vegetarians to give up on the road to veganism, John talks about the terrific cheesy recipes in his newest book and why even dairy-loving crowds will love them, too.  http://johnschlimm.com/book/the-cheesy-vegan/

Click here for a recipe for Cheesy Vegan mac & cheese: http://johnschlimm.com/2013/10/21/serge-the-concierge-shares-the-cheesy-vegan-recipe-for-mac-n-cheese-with-ground-cashews-truffle-oil/

Aired Oct. 27, 2013.