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Sun December 1, 2013

WORDS ON A WIRE: Patricia Engel

Patricia Engel
Credit patriciaengel.com


   Daniel and guest co-host Marcia Hatfield Daudistel talk with Patricia Engel about her new novel, "It's Not Love, It's Just Paris."  Patricia explains why the book is a result of wanting to write a "Paris" novel as well as a love story without being a stereotypical "French romance" book.   She also explains why she was lucky to avoid the "chick lit" label on her previous books.  http://patriciaengel.com/

In this week's Poetic License, Benjamin Alire Saenz begins a series in which he reflects on Words, Knowledge, and Memory.  In this entry, Ben explains how he approaches all three in his life and his work.

And in this week's Poem of the Week, Daniel reads "Be Drunk" by Charles Baudelaire.

Aired Dec. 1, 2013.

The Two-Way
11:53 am
Sun December 1, 2013

Smithsonian Names Its New Panda Cub 'Bao Bao'

Bao Bao, the Smithsonian's giant panda cub, on Nov. 29.
Abby Wood Smithsonian Institution

Originally published on Sun December 1, 2013 12:38 pm

The 100-day-old female panda cub at the National Zoo in Washington, now has a name: Bao Bao (宝宝) — meaning precious or treasure — was the most popular of the five names put up for a popular vote by Zoo.

The name was announced during a ceremony at the Zoo on Sunday afternoon.

Cui Tiankai, ambassador of the People's Republic of China, wrote the name in calligraphy on scrolls, which were unfurled at the ceremony.

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The Two-Way
10:03 am
Sun December 1, 2013

In Shocking Upset, Auburn Beats Alabama With A Historic Play

Auburn fans react at the end of a win over Alabama during the second half of an NCAA college football game in Auburn, Ala., on Saturday.
Jay Sailors AP
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The Two-Way
8:02 am
Sun December 1, 2013

HealthCare.gov Is Now Working Smoothly, White House Says

The HealthCare.gov website.
Jon Elswick ap

Originally published on Sun December 1, 2013 9:07 am

White House officials say the government's health insurance website, which has been plagued with problems ever since it launched in October, is now working smoothly for most users.

"The site is now stable and operating at its intended capacity with greatly improved performance," Jeffrey Zients, the president's appointee to fix the site, said during a telephone conference with reporters on Sunday. The bottom line, said Zients, is that Healthcare.gov is "night and day" from what it was at launch.

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The Two-Way
6:43 am
Sun December 1, 2013

Commuter Train Derails In The Bronx Killing 4

First responders gather around the derailment of a Metro North passenger train in the Bronx borough of New York on Sunday.
Craig Ruttle AP

Originally published on Mon December 2, 2013 1:51 am

(This post was last updated at 5:02 p.m. ET.)

A Metro-North commuter train derailed on Sunday in the Bronx borough of New York City, killing four passengers, and injuring 63.

WABC-TV in New York reports the train derailed at about 7:20 a.m., while navigating a curve just outside the Spuyten Duyvil station.

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Music Interviews
6:24 am
Sun December 1, 2013

Bringing Jazz On Walkabout: Jon Batiste And Stay Human

Jon Batiste (second from left) and the Stay Human band.
Peter Lueders Courtesy of the artist

Originally published on Sun December 1, 2013 12:25 pm

Pianist Jonathan Batiste was born and raised in New Orleans as part of the Batiste jazz family dynasty there. He was playing with the family band by age 8. Eventually he took his talents to Julliard, and that's where he met the rest of Stay Human: Joe Saylor on the drums, Ibanda Ruhumbika on tuba and Eddie Barbash on alto sax.

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The Sunday Conversation
6:24 am
Sun December 1, 2013

In Gujarat, Anti-Muslim Legacy Of 2002 Riots Still Looms

Zahir Janmohamed on his terrace in Juhapura, in the Muslim ghetto of Ahmedabad.
Miranda Kennedy NPR

Originally published on Sun December 1, 2013 12:25 pm

Each week, Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin brings listeners an unexpected side of the news by talking with someone personally affected by the stories making headlines.

The U.S. Congress doesn't usually weigh in on domestic politics in other countries, but a resolution recently introduced in Congress by Rep. Keith Ellison is designed to put pressure on Narendra Modi, the front-runner to be India's next prime minister.

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Middle East
6:24 am
Sun December 1, 2013

Palestinian Refugees On Losing Side Of UN Budget Crunch

Palestinian refugee Lawahez Burghal stuffs tripe with rice and garbanzo beans for her family in their home in the Amari refugee camp in the West Bank. Many refugees still depend on the United Nations for food, health care and education.
Emily Harris NPR

Originally published on Sun December 8, 2013 6:17 am

The United Nations agency that provides basic health care and education to Palestinian refugees doesn't have enough money to pay local salaries this month.

The shortfall could directly affect 30,000 teachers, doctors and social workers, as well as the people using their services in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the Palestinian territories.

Filling Basic Needs

Sit for an hour in the United Nations Relief and Works Agency office in the al-Amari camp for Palestinian refugees, and you get a sense of what people expect the agency to provide.

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6:24 am
Sun December 1, 2013

Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt

Originally published on Mon December 2, 2013 6:55 am



This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm Rachel Martin. Earlier this year, NPR's Planet Money team decided to make a T-shirt for their fans.

ZOE CHANCE, BYLINE: What does it say?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Let meput it on. Planet Money. Wow.

MARTIN: But this bit of public radio garb was different. This shirt would come with an autobiography. The Planet Money team set out to understand how the T-shirt was made and just who made it - from cotton field to final stitch. Alex Blumberg of Planet Money explains.

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The Two-Way
5:48 am
Sun December 1, 2013

Paul Walker, Star Of 'Fast and Furious,' Dies In Car Crash

Actor Paul Walker attends the World Premiere of 'Fast & Furious 6' in London, England.
Tim P. Whitby Getty Images

Originally published on Sun December 1, 2013 3:43 pm

Paul Walker, the star of the stunningly successful The Fast and the Furious film franchise, was killed in a car accident on Saturday, the actor's representative told the AP.

On Walker's Facebook page, his team explained that he was a passenger in a friend's car and that he was in Valencia, Calif. attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide.

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