Corey Flintoff en Fighting In Eastern Ukraine Is Described As Fierce But Indecisive Diplomats are trying to arrange a new ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. But Ukraine's president is under domestic pressure to take decisive military action against pro-Russian separatists. Fri, 04 Jul 2014 10:21:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 44021 at In Long-Roiled Ukraine, War Mentality Turns Outward Transcript <p>MELISSA BLOCK, HOST: <p>The Ukrainian military ramped up air and artillery strikes against pro-Russian separatists today. The offensive in Ukraine's eastern provinces resumed after President Petro Poroshenko declared he would not renew a 10-day ceasefire. Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow would protect the interests of ethnic Russians in other countries but he didn't offer a specific support to the rebels in Ukraine. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 20:25:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 43830 at Ukraine's Latest Turn Toward EU Has Moscow Glowering Ukraine's president has signed a historic trade and economic pact with the European Union, a move his predecessor rejected. The conflict that the first rejection sparked still simmers, with violence continuing in the country's east despite a shaky cease-fire. Fri, 27 Jun 2014 20:30:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 43597 at Refugees From Eastern Ukraine Wonder When They Can Go Home Transcript <p>STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: <p>When Ukraine's former president refused to sign a trade agreement with the European Union, he was driven from office. Today in Brussels, Ukraine's new president signed that deal, as did the former Soviet Republics of Georgia and Moldova. Russia still objects and fighting between Ukrainian forces and Russian separatists goes on. The violence has forced thousands of people in eastern Ukraine from their homes. Fri, 27 Jun 2014 09:10:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 43541 at Ukrainian Rebels Reject Cease-Fire, As Russian Troops Line Border Transcript <p>MELISSA BLOCK, HOST: <p>Separatist leaders in eastern Ukraine appealed, today, for military help from Russia. They say they're losing their battles with Ukrainian government troops. Heavy fighting raged near the city of Luhansk, and the rebels' top military leader said his forces might have to retreat. NATO says it's seeing signs of a new Russian troop buildup near Ukraine's eastern border - this is despite Kiev's proposal for a unilateral cease-fire. In a few minutes, we'll talk with Germany's defense minister about her views on Ukraine and relations with Russia. Thu, 19 Jun 2014 20:12:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 43023 at From Ukraine's President, A Promise Of Truce — With Conditions Transcript <p>MELISSA BLOCK, HOST: <p>From NPR News this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I'm Melissa Block.<p>ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: <p>And I'm Robert Siegel. Ukraine's new president says he will order a unilateral cease-fire in the East of his country. That's where government troops have been fighting pro-Russian separatists. The announcement today came after Petro Poroshenko discussed the crisis with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Wed, 18 Jun 2014 20:22:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 42950 at Citing Unpaid Debts, Russia Cuts Off Gas Supplies To Ukraine Russia says it has cut natural gas supplies to Ukraine after Kiev missed a deadline to pay part of its huge outstanding energy debt. The Russians say that in the future the state-run company Gazprom will only supply gas to Ukraine in return for pre-payment. <div class="fullattribution">Copyright 2014 NPR. Mon, 16 Jun 2014 20:35:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 42806 at Are 'Color Revolutions' A New Front In U.S.-Russia Tensions? Transcript <p>MELISSA BLOCK, HOST: <p>U.S. relations with Russia are at their lowest point since the Cold War thanks to the crisis in Ukraine. Russian defense officials are talking about a new doctrine of subversive warfare between major world powers. They accuse the West of using popular uprisings to topple unfriendly governments. And some analysts say Moscow itself is employing that strategy in eastern Ukraine. Thu, 12 Jun 2014 20:02:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 42564 at Now That Russia Has Crimea, What Is Moscow's Plan? Less than three months after Russia annexed Crimea, Moscow is committing billions of dollars in aid and tax breaks to make the Black Sea peninsula a showcase of development.<p>But there's at least one major problem: The region has a deeply ingrained reputation for corruption and organized crime, a reputation that already taints some of the region's newest leaders.<p>After Russian troops seized control of the Crimean parliament in February, one of the first leaders to emerge was a 41-year-old businessman and politician named Sergei Aksyonov.<p>Although Aksyonov and his Russian Unity party held Thu, 05 Jun 2014 18:42:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 42111 at Now That Russia Has Crimea, What Is Moscow's Plan? Putin May Have An Opening To Rebuild Relations With West Transcript <p>DAVID GREENE, HOST: <p>Getting pressure from other world leaders - not something Vladimir Putin is known for enjoying all that much. Let's turn now to NPR's Corey Flintoff in Moscow. Corey, good morning.<p>COREY FLINTOFF, BYLINE: Good morning, David.<p>GREENE: So have we heard much reaction from Putin or Russian officials yet to what sounds like sort of a tougher stance from Obama?<p>FLINTOFF: So far there hasn't been much, officially. But the Kremlin's been focused very intensely, lately, on this current NATO defense ministers meeting that's taking place in Brussels right now. Wed, 04 Jun 2014 09:20:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 42000 at Separatists Disrupt Ukraine's Election Preparations Transcript <p>SCOTT SIMON, HOST: <p>This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm Scott Simon. Teams of international observers are arriving in Ukraine ahead of tomorrow's presidential election. But in the eastern region of the country, where pro-Moscow militia are vowing to disrupt the vote, there may not be much for them to observe. Separatists say they won't allow the election to proceed in the regions that they have declared to be independent states. Sat, 24 May 2014 11:49:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 41329 at Putin Sends Mixed Signals On His Attitude To Ukrainian Election Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow will respect the outcome of the upcoming election in Ukraine but later said he still has concerns about the legitimacy of the vote. Fri, 23 May 2014 21:38:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 41297 at Ukraine's Richest Man Pushes Back Against Pro-Moscow Separatists There are increasing signs of friction between pro-Moscow separatists and local residents in eastern Ukraine, as some local people demand an end to the violence and lawlessness in the region. Meanwhile, one of Ukraine's richest men has repeated his call for a return to stability, calling on workers to show their support for a unified country. <div class="fullattribution">Copyright 2014 NPR. Tue, 20 May 2014 21:18:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 41051 at The Blogging Battlegrounds Of Eastern Ukraine As Ukraine prepares for presidential elections on Sunday, a social media struggle is underway in the country's eastern provinces.<p>That's where pro-Russian separatists have seized government buildings in many towns and declared independence after a much-disputed referendum. The separatists have vowed to block the vote in at least two key regions, Donetsk and Luhansk.<p>Separatists have seized voting commission offices, confiscated voter rolls and intimidated local election workers, government officials say. Mon, 19 May 2014 20:16:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 40958 at The Blogging Battlegrounds Of Eastern Ukraine After Eastern Ukrainian Steel Magnate Flexes Muscle, Barricades Fall Barricades in the eastern Ukrainian town of Mariupol have been dismantled, following a deal between separatist leaders, police and steelworkers from the city's biggest steel mill. The deal came after steel mill owner, billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, issued a statement saying the region's economic future depended on staying united with Ukraine. <div class="fullattribution">Copyright 2014 NPR. Fri, 16 May 2014 20:01:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 40805 at After Referendum In Eastern Ukraine, Different Visions Emerge In eastern Ukraine, pro-Russian separatists are claiming independence based on a victory in a hastily organized referendum. Now, they're resisting a nationwide presidential election that's scheduled for May 25.<p>With Russian troops still massed near the border, Ukrainian and international mediators are trying to find a solution for the crisis.<p>There are some very different visions of the future for the volatile region.<p>One is expressed by Serhiy Taruta, a Ukrainian billionaire who's been appointed governor of the Donetsk region by the government in Kiev. Wed, 14 May 2014 22:30:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 40662 at After Referendum In Eastern Ukraine, Different Visions Emerge In Two Eastern Ukraine Provinces, Bold Steps Toward Independence Transcript <p>MELISSA BLOCK, HOST: <p>This is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I'm Melissa Block. Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine declared independence for two regions today, after announcing the results of a much-disputed referendum. Separatist leaders in the Donetsk region asked to join Russia. The Kremlin said it respected the vote but it has not yet responded to that request. The Ukrainian government maintains the referendum was illegal, and it threatened criminal prosecution for those who organized it. Mon, 12 May 2014 20:02:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 40486 at U.S. Won't Recognize Eastern Ukraine Vote On Independence Residents of two regions of eastern Ukraine wrapped up voting on Sunday in a controversial referendum over independence from the central government in Kiev. The vote has been rejected as illegitimate. Mon, 12 May 2014 09:19:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 40454 at Kinder Words From Putin, But They Come With A Cost Transcript <p>MELISSA BLOCK, HOST: <p>Now to the conflict in Ukraine. Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin made some conciliatory sounding statements. He called on the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine to postpone their planned referendum on autonomy. That vote is currently scheduled for Sunday. Putin also said that Russian troops had withdrawn from the Ukrainian border and that Russia is ready for more talks on ways to resolve the crisis.<p>But that offer comes with conditions that would be very hard for the government in Kiev to accept. Wed, 07 May 2014 20:59:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 40192 at Putin's Internet Plan Requires 'Sharing' With Security Services Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new measure that will give the government much greater control over the Internet.<p>Critics say the law is aimed at silencing opposition bloggers and restricting what people can say on social media. It would also force international email providers and social networks to make their users' information available to the Russian security services.<p>Putin sent a chill through many Internet users late last month with this comment at a media forum: "You do know that it all began initially, when the Internet first appeared, as a special CIA project. Tue, 06 May 2014 07:28:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 40064 at Putin's Internet Plan Requires 'Sharing' With Security Services Russia Condemns Ukraine With Comparisons To Nazis The Ukrainian government is describing its offensive against pro-Russian separatists in the eastern part of the country as an "anti-terrorist operation," language that offends the separatists and Russia.<p>In turn, Russia is using even stronger language, saying that the Ukrainian military has launched a "punitive operation." While that may not carry any special meaning to Western ears, it has far more sinister implications for Russians.<p>A Russian friend of mine, professional interpreter Alevtina Potemkina, points out that the expression being used is <em>karatelnaya operatsiya</em>, a phrase Sat, 03 May 2014 21:19:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 39947 at Russia Condemns Ukraine With Comparisons To Nazis Outrage Out Of Moscow As News Of Ukrainian Offensive Spreads Transcript <p>AUDIE CORNISH, HOST: <p>Russia reacted to news of the Ukrainian offensive in Slavyansk with outrage. The Russian mission at the United Nations has called for a meeting of the Security Council to discuss the issue. A spokesman for President Vladimir Putin said the action had effectively destroyed all hope for the Geneva Peace Accords. Fri, 02 May 2014 20:21:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 39889 at Heated Words, And Mild Relief, In Russia's Response To New Sanctions Russia reacted angrily to new EU and U.S. sanctions, which were imposed in response to Russian interference in Ukraine. Russia's deputy foreign minister vowed to deliver a "painful" response. Tue, 29 Apr 2014 20:03:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 39657 at How Much Will New U.S. Sanctions Affect Russia? Transcript <p>STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: <p>Let's examine just how much U.S. sanctions could affect Russia. President Obama yesterday announced the latest measures aimed at punishing Russia for its links to violence in Eastern Ukraine. Russia is accusing the U.S. and its allies in Europe and Japan of resorting to Cold War tactics.<p>NPR's Corey Flintoff is covering this story from Moscow. Hi, Corey.<p>COREY FLINTOFF, BYLINE: Good morning, Steve.<p>INSKEEP: So what will the latest sanctions do?<p>FLINTOFF: Well, there hasn't been a huge effect so far. Tue, 29 Apr 2014 10:21:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 39621 at What Russia Might Gain From A Decentralized Ukraine Ukraine's interim government is facing major obstacles: a separatist uprising in the east of the country, an economy in tatters and a presidential election next month.<p>But the leadership is also facing a longer-term challenge, one that will shape the future of the country: the creation of a new constitution.<p>The task will be complicated by pressure from Russia, which has already made clear what kind of constitution it thinks Ukraine should have. Sat, 26 Apr 2014 15:22:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 39486 at What Russia Might Gain From A Decentralized Ukraine Does Russia Have The Military To Take Ukraine? <p></p> Fri, 25 Apr 2014 07:04:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 39376 at Does Russia Have The Military To Take Ukraine? Ukraine Dominates Putin's Yearly Call-In TV Show Transcript <p>KELLY MCEVERS, HOST: <p>As talks over the future of Ukraine were going on yesterday in Geneva, President Vladimir Putin was talking to the Russian people in his yearly television call-in show. Fri, 18 Apr 2014 10:32:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 38900 at On Russian Call-in Show, Putin Maintains Hard Line Against West Russian President Vladimir Putin says he hopes he won't have to move troops into Ukraine to protect the local Russian-speaking population, but he reserves the right to do so. He made the comments on a televised call-in show. <div class="fullattribution">Copyright 2014 NPR. Thu, 17 Apr 2014 20:23:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 38862 at Ukraine Looks Starkly Different On Russian TV — How Can This Be? Transcript <p>AUDIE CORNISH, HOST: <p>Throughout the crisis in Ukraine, Russia's state-run news media have run intense coverage. They consistently portray the new government in Kiev as neo-Nazis who seized power in a violent coup, and the pro-Russian militants occupying government buildings in eastern Ukraine are shown as citizens set up and frightened by what they see as an illegitimate junta. NPR's Corey Flintoff is on the line with us now from Moscow. Mon, 14 Apr 2014 20:27:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 38661 at Why Chocolate Is A Bargaining Chip In The Ukraine-Russia Conflict In the political battle between Ukraine and Russia, one of the biggest pawns is chocolate.<p>That's because the current front-runner in Ukraine's presidential race is <a href="">Petro Poroshenko</a>, known as "the Chocolate King." His billion-dollar empire was founded on candy factories.<p>Poroshenko's chocolate became a bargaining chip in the confrontation with Russia last July, as Ukraine was moving toward a landmark trade agreement with the European Union. Tue, 08 Apr 2014 17:01:00 +0000 Corey Flintoff 38248 at Why Chocolate Is A Bargaining Chip In The Ukraine-Russia Conflict