Weekend Edition http://ktep.org en Between Friends, Family And Country, Ukrainian Police Lie Low http://ktep.org/post/between-friends-family-and-country-ukranian-police-lie-low <p>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onRu5am9Rx0</p> Sat, 12 Apr 2014 14:55:00 +0000 Ari Shapiro 38550 at http://ktep.org Between Friends, Family And Country, Ukrainian Police Lie Low Iran's Culture Wars: Who's Winning These Days? http://ktep.org/post/irans-culture-wars-whos-winning-these-days In Iran, hardline critics are waging a campaign against President Hassan Rouhani to limit his campaign pledge of opening Iran to more social and cultural freedoms.<p>The "culture wars" are as old as the Islamic revolution that swept conservative clerics to power more than three decades ago. The latest chapter comes as Rouhani is negotiating a nuclear deal with six world powers. Sat, 12 Apr 2014 13:04:00 +0000 Deborah Amos 38535 at http://ktep.org Iran's Culture Wars: Who's Winning These Days? A Sheep Killer Is On The Loose In 'All the Birds, Singing' http://ktep.org/post/sheep-killer-loose-all-birds-singing Transcript <p>SCOTT SIMON, HOST: <p>Jake Whyte is a young woman who lives in a wild, windy, bloody world. She lives alone, save for her dog, whose name is Dog, and the sheep she tends on a small island off the coast of Britain. The men who work on the island call Jake a good bloody bloke, although many locals wonder why strangers come into their midst. It can't be the work or the weather, which are tough and raw - raw like the mysterious scars on Jake's back. Jake White is at the center of the Evie Wyld's new novel "All the Birds, Singing." Evie Wyld joins us now from the BBC in London. Sat, 12 Apr 2014 13:04:00 +0000 editor 38539 at http://ktep.org School Lunch: Any Chicken In Those 'Food-Like Nubbins'? http://ktep.org/post/any-chicken-those-school-lunch-food-nubbins It took a Freedom of Information Act to get the Chicago Public Schools to disclose what's in the chicken nuggets they serve in their cafeterias. NPR's Scott Simon reveals the chemical contents. Sat, 12 Apr 2014 13:04:00 +0000 editor 38540 at http://ktep.org PGA Puts On A Masters Without Tiger http://ktep.org/post/pga-puts-masters-without-tiger Transcript <p>SCOTT SIMON, HOST: <p>This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm Scott Simon. I look forward all week to saying it's time for sports. The tigers without master - the Masters without Tiger? You know, it's so hard to imagine, I can barely say it. And the Indiana Pacers are swooning like Justin Bieber fans this week. We're joined now by NPR's Tom Goldman. Good morning, Tom.<p>TOM GOLDMAN, BYLINE: Hi, Scott.<p>SIMON: So there was a slight glimmer of hope that the Pacers could be coming out of a tailspin, but alas...<p>GOLDMAN: Alas. Sat, 12 Apr 2014 13:04:00 +0000 editor 38541 at http://ktep.org Jackie Collins' Mob Princess Serves Up A Cookbook You Can't Refuse http://ktep.org/post/jackie-collins-mob-princess-serves-cookbook-you-cant-refuse Lucky Santangelo is a household name — at least, in those households where the shelves are packed with Jackie Collins novels. And considering there are more than 500 million copies sold, well, Santangelo's certainly got a fan base.<p>She's the heroine, more or less, of seven Collins novels, including <em>Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge</em>, <em>Dangerous Kiss, Drop Dead Beautiful</em>, and <em>Goddess of Vengeance</em>. And Santangelo herself is a bit all of those things: the beautiful daughter of a former mob boss who has her own way of making offers people can't refuse. Sat, 12 Apr 2014 13:04:00 +0000 NPR Staff 38532 at http://ktep.org Jackie Collins' Mob Princess Serves Up A Cookbook You Can't Refuse So You Need A Celebrity Book. Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostwriters http://ktep.org/post/so-you-need-celebrity-book-who-ya-gonna-call-ghostwriters The next time you're in a bookstore, take a look at the nonfiction shelf. See all those celebrity autobiographies — the memoirs of actors, athletes and politicians? Chances are, they're the work of a ghostwriter.<p>David Fisher is one of those invisible authors. He's ghostwritten over 70 books, adopting the voices of quarterback Terry Bradshaw, attorney Johnnie Cochran and actor and comedian Leslie Nielsen, among others.<p>How does he do it? What's it like writing someone else's memoirs? The answer, Fisher says, is down in his basement, which is filled with boxes of cassette tapes. Sat, 12 Apr 2014 13:04:00 +0000 Gabrielle Emanuel 38533 at http://ktep.org So You Need A Celebrity Book. Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostwriters With Enrollee Goal Met, Obamacare Still Faces Political Trial http://ktep.org/post/enrollee-goal-met-obamacare-still-faces-political-trial President Obama and his supporters had a rare opportunity to celebrate this week.<p>A last-minute surge in people signing up for health insurance sent the total government enrollment figures over the seven-million mark.<p>That number seemed out of reach just a few months ago, when a crash-prone website threatened to undermine the president's signature health care law.<p>Republicans are still bent on repealing the law, but now millions more Americans have a stake in Obamacare's survival.<p>On Tuesday, the president marked the comeback. Sat, 05 Apr 2014 17:03:00 +0000 Scott Horsley 38099 at http://ktep.org With Enrollee Goal Met, Obamacare Still Faces Political Trial 'Hotel Rwanda' Manager: We've Failed To Learn From History http://ktep.org/post/hotel-rwanda-manager-weve-failed-learn-history Paul Rusesabagina is a figure from history — a terrible history.<p>He was the manager of the Diplomat Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda, 20 years ago, when the genocide of Rwanda's Tutsi people began. More than 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus would be killed in just three months.<p>While most of the world took no action to stop the killing, Rusesabagina sheltered more than 1,000 people inside his hotel. Sat, 05 Apr 2014 15:46:00 +0000 NPR Staff 38098 at http://ktep.org 'Hotel Rwanda' Manager: We've Failed To Learn From History Puerto Rico's Most-Loved And Most-Hated Band http://ktep.org/post/puerto-ricos-most-loved-and-most-hated-band The bad boys of Puerto Rico have grown up. Step brothers Rene Perez Joglar and Eduardo Cabra of Calle 13 have a new album that takes a more thoughtful route to deliver their message. Sat, 05 Apr 2014 11:52:00 +0000 editor 38083 at http://ktep.org 'In Paradise,' Matthiessen Considers Our Capacity For Cruelty http://ktep.org/post/paradise-matthiessen-considers-our-capacity-cruelty At age 86, Peter Matthiessen has written what he says "may be his last word" — a novel due out Tuesday about a visit to a Nazi extermination camp. It's called <em>In Paradise,</em> and it caps a career spanning six decades and 33 books.<p>Matthiessen is the only writer to ever win a National Book Award in both fiction — for his last book, <em>Shadow Country,</em> and adult nonfiction for his 1978 travel journal, <em>The Snow Leopard</em>.<p>Matthiessen is filled with the vitality of past adventures as he leads a tour of his country-style home on the East End of Long Island. Sat, 05 Apr 2014 11:52:00 +0000 editor 38084 at http://ktep.org 'In Paradise,' Matthiessen Considers Our Capacity For Cruelty Final Four Fans Bedeck Themselves In Team Colors http://ktep.org/post/final-four-fans-bedeck-themselves-team-colors The men's Final Four in college basketball is Saturday in North Texas. With the teams come fans, some rabid in their love for for all things Huskies, Gators, Badgers and Wildcats. Sat, 05 Apr 2014 11:52:00 +0000 editor 38094 at http://ktep.org The Story Of Calif. Senator's Arrest Reads Like Pulp Fiction http://ktep.org/post/story-calif-senators-arrest-reads-pulp-fiction It's a case that has stunned California's political community: A prominent Democratic lawmaker has been accused in a federal complaint of participating in an elaborate conspiracy involving guns, gangs, drugs and bribery.<p>State Sen. Leland Yee was known as a champion of open government and gun control, but not any more. A 137-page federal affidavit accuses the lawmaker of soliciting and taking bribes from an undercover FBI agent in exchange for political favors.<p>He's also accused of gun trafficking. Not just any guns, but automatic weapons and shoulder-fired missiles. Sat, 29 Mar 2014 17:28:00 +0000 Richard Gonzales 37644 at http://ktep.org The Story Of Calif. Senator's Arrest Reads Like Pulp Fiction Latinos Wary Of All-Out Push To Sign Up For ACA http://ktep.org/post/latinos-wary-all-out-push-sign-aca All throughout the country, supporters of the Affordable Care Act have worked to reach the uninsured, holding health fairs and putting ads on TV and radio.<p>The push continues to get as many enrolled as possible, especially Latinos — the most uninsured group in the country.<p>Illinois has taken its show on the road with its Road 2 Coverage statewide mobile tour. In Chicago, Jose Munoz points to Road 2 Coverage's huge RV plastered with the Illinois marketplace slogan — "Get Covered Illinois" — parked outside the field house at Humboldt Park. Sat, 29 Mar 2014 16:51:00 +0000 Cheryl Corley 37642 at http://ktep.org Latinos Wary Of All-Out Push To Sign Up For ACA Boeing's Iconic 747 May Be Flying Into The Sunset http://ktep.org/post/boeings-iconic-747-may-be-flying-sunset While global attention has been focused on Malaysia Airlines' missing 777 this week, Boeing's best-known aircraft, the 747, was also in the news. The Federal Aviation Administration ordered Boeing to immediately fix a software glitch that could cause problems during landing.<p>The software flaw is not the only problem for the enormous 747. Over four decades ago, it was the original "jumbo jet," but the newest version of Boeing's iconic plane has not sold well. Sat, 29 Mar 2014 15:36:00 +0000 Christopher Werth 37635 at http://ktep.org Boeing's Iconic 747 May Be Flying Into The Sunset A Bill To Distill Simmers In Tennessee http://ktep.org/post/bill-distill-simmers-tennessee Would Tennessee whiskey by any other name taste as sweet?<p>A debate in Tennessee simmers over a legal definition of what makes Tennessee whiskey "Tennessee."<p>The state legislature passed a bill last year saying whiskey can be labeled "Tennessee" only if it's made in the state from a mash that's 51-percent corn, trickles through maple charcoal, and is aged in new, charred oak barrels.<p>There's some precedent in the spirits world. Sat, 29 Mar 2014 12:09:00 +0000 Scott Simon 37630 at http://ktep.org A Bill To Distill Simmers In Tennessee 'Lovesongs' Examines What It Means To Come Home http://ktep.org/post/lovesongs-examines-what-it-means-come-home Transcript <p>SCOTT SIMON, HOST: <p>How long do good friends keep growing up with each other? Leland, or Lee, is a rock star. He tours the world but keeps coming back, if not back home, to the place where he grew up - Little Wing, Wisconsin, a fictitious Midwestern town that feels as real as Eau Claire, which is where the author, Nickolas Butler grew up. Sat, 29 Mar 2014 11:59:00 +0000 editor 37616 at http://ktep.org Helen Keller's Glimpse Of Beethoven's 'Heavenly Vibration' http://ktep.org/post/helen-kellers-glimpse-beethovens-heavenly-vibration Transcript <p>SCOTT SIMON, HOST: <p>An extraordinary note appeared this week on the Letters of Note blog. Dated Feb 1, 1924, it was sent to the New York Symphony Orchestra after they'd performed Beethoven's Ninth Symphony at Carnegie Hall. The writer said she could neither hear nor see but she had placed her hand on the radio speaker. Then she wrote: What was my amazement to discover that I could feel not only the vibrations but also the impassioned rhythm, the throb and the urge of the music. Sat, 29 Mar 2014 11:59:00 +0000 editor 37631 at http://ktep.org Always Watching: A Fragile Trust Lines The U.S.-Mexico Border http://ktep.org/post/always-watching-us-mexico-border-site-complexity We drove 2,428 miles on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, and it's safe to say that for much of the road trip, we were being watched.<p>Border Patrol agents, customs officers, cameras, sensors, radar and aircraft track movement in the Borderland. None of that has stopped the struggle to control the border, or the debate over how best to do it.<p>The Border Patrol — part of U.S. Customs and Border Protection — allowed us a look inside the communications center at its headquarters in Laredo, Texas. The room had no windows, just a giant wall of screens. Sat, 22 Mar 2014 16:22:00 +0000 Steve Inskeep 37192 at http://ktep.org Always Watching: A Fragile Trust Lines The U.S.-Mexico Border Russia-U.S. Tensions Could Stall Syrian Chemical Weapons Removal http://ktep.org/post/russia-us-tensions-could-stall-syrian-chemical-weapons-removal As U.S.-Russian relations sour, some observers fear the plan to eliminate Syria's chemical arsenal might stall.<p>This past week, the removal of chemicals from Syria reached the halfway mark. Sat, 22 Mar 2014 14:02:00 +0000 Geoff Brumfiel 37188 at http://ktep.org Russia-U.S. Tensions Could Stall Syrian Chemical Weapons Removal Commuters Ditch Cars For Public Transit In Record Numbers http://ktep.org/post/commuters-ditch-cars-public-transit-record-numbers During the morning rush at Chicago's Union Station, commuter trains pull in, the doors open and a crush of people, newspapers and coffee cups in hand, pour off like a flood.<p>Financial analyst Nader Kouklan says he makes the trip from the suburbs to Chicago's downtown every day.<p>"It's easier and just a faster way to get to work, rather than having to deal with the traffic of the morning commute," Kouklan says.<p>Law student Amalia Romano rides Chicago's Metra line, too.<p>"I take it because I don't want to pay $16 to park every day," Romano explains.<p>Romano and Kouklan are among the incre Sat, 22 Mar 2014 13:37:00 +0000 Cheryl Corley 37187 at http://ktep.org Commuters Ditch Cars For Public Transit In Record Numbers 'Flaco And Max' Keep A South Texas Musical Tradition Thriving http://ktep.org/post/music-flaco-max Transcript <p>SCOTT SIMON, HOST: <p>Conjunto music can be as American as cherry pie - with Mexican and German flavoring:<p>(SOUNDBITE OF MUSIC)<p>FLACO AND MAX: (Singing in foreign language)<p>SIMON: Flaco Jimenez and Max Baca are just about the biggest names in conjunto, the distinctive music that began in South Texas and has spread. Flaco Jiminez, of course, is one of the world's great accordion players. He's been performing since the 1960s and has won five Grammy Awards. Max Baca is a member of Los Texmaniacs. Sat, 22 Mar 2014 11:50:00 +0000 editor 37181 at http://ktep.org Mercer, Dayton Break The Brackets http://ktep.org/post/mercer-dayton-break-brackets Transcript <p>SCOTT SIMON, HOST: <p>This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm Scott Simon. Time for sports.<p>(SOUNDBITE OF MUSIC)<p>SIMON: And the upsets keep coming in the NCAA tournament. Do they call it March Madness because Coach K at Duke, probably a little mad at the way his Blue Devils played. ESPN.com's Howard Bryant joins us. Howard, thanks so much for being with us.<p>HOWARD BRYANT: Oh, good morning, Scott.<p>SIMON: So how did Mercer do it, this school from Macon, Georgia. They have a starting five of seniors. I mean, some of these guys might not even be going to the NBA, huh? Sat, 22 Mar 2014 11:50:00 +0000 editor 37182 at http://ktep.org Put Haggis In The Feeder, And Other Scottish Bird Feeding Tips http://ktep.org/post/put-haggis-feeder-and-other-scottish-bird-feeding-tips Transcript <p>SCOTT SIMON, HOST: <p>Springtime is just about to bloom. So how do you attract a few good-looking birds? To the gardener balcony, that is. We're joined now by Malcie Smith, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. He joins us from the studios of the BBC in the Shetland Islands of Scotland. Thanks very much for being with us.<p>MALCIE SMITH: Hi, Scott. You're welcome.<p>SIMON: What kind of food do you put out this time of year?<p>SMITH: Just a wide range of nuts and seeds would be quite good. Sat, 22 Mar 2014 11:50:00 +0000 editor 37183 at http://ktep.org Tiny Italian Town Thumbs Its Nose At Lenten Abstinence http://ktep.org/post/tiny-italian-town-thumbs-its-nose-lenten-abstinence On the first Sunday of Lent in Poggio Mirteto, a priest in the town's cathedral recalls the serpent in the Garden of Eden.<p>He admonishes parishioners in this hilltop hamlet just outside Vatican City to resist earthly delights during the time of penance and self-denial leading up to Easter.<p>"We must remember we are weak before evil, because the devil is very tricky," he says.<p>Just outside the doors, the warning goes unheeded as a parade of revelers passes.<p><strong>The Freedom Festival</strong><p>Every year, Poggio Mirteto thumbs its nose at Lenten austerity and instead celebrates the Ca Sat, 15 Mar 2014 17:00:00 +0000 editor 36737 at http://ktep.org Why You Won't Win Warren Buffett's Billion-Dollar Bracket http://ktep.org/post/why-you-wont-win-warren-buffets-billion-dollar-bracket <p>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kq_K5Hg8TrM</p> Sat, 15 Mar 2014 15:32:00 +0000 Uri Berliner 36733 at http://ktep.org Why You Won't Win Warren Buffett's Billion-Dollar Bracket Under 30? The President Would Like You To Know Health Care Is Hip http://ktep.org/post/under-30-president-would-you-know-health-care-hip <p>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSy1_Ighgak</p><p>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPMsZYyesRE</p> Sat, 15 Mar 2014 13:52:00 +0000 Tamara Keith 36728 at http://ktep.org Under 30? The President Would Like You To Know Health Care Is Hip A Fresh Vocalist From The Same School As Adele, Winehouse http://ktep.org/post/fresh-vocalist-same-school-adele-winehouse Transcript <p>JACKI LYDEN, HOST: <p>Discovering Zara McFarlane's voice is like discovering something exquisite and lush and gorgeous.<p>(SOUNDBITE OF MUSIC)<p>ZARA MCFARLANE: (Singing) There you are, though I cannot see your face. I feel you, your presence just entered this place...<p>LYDEN: Zara McFarlane's latest album is called "If You Knew Her." And she's at our London bureau to talk to us about her music and so that we can get to know here. Zara McFarlane, thank you so much for joining us.<p>MCFARLANE: Hello. Sat, 15 Mar 2014 11:45:00 +0000 editor 36726 at http://ktep.org An Ex-Dolphin Gets A New Home: The Week In Sports http://ktep.org/post/ex-dolphin-gets-new-home-week-sports Transcript <p>JACKI LYDEN, HOST: <p>It's time now for sport.<p>(SOUNDBITE OF MUSIC)<p>LYDEN: This week, former Miami Dolphin's offensive lineman Jonathan Martin found a new home with his new team, the San Francisco 49ers. Martin tweeted this week that he's beyond blessed about being traded and can't wait to get to work. Jonathan Martin is, of course, the player who was the primary target of taunts and racist insults by his teammates on the Dolphins.<p>ESPN's Howard Bryant is with us now taking a break from the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament. Sat, 15 Mar 2014 11:45:00 +0000 editor 36727 at http://ktep.org Drought Closes Oregon Resort Before The Season Even Opens http://ktep.org/post/draught-closes-oregon-resort-season-ever-opened Transcript <p>JACKI LYDEN, HOST: <p>This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm Jacki Lyden. This was supposed to be a special year for the Mount Ashland ski area in Southern Oregon as it celebrated its 50th anniversary. But after a long drought this summer, Mount Ashland had to call it a season early. Yesterday, it declared slope season was over due to a lack of snow. Sat, 15 Mar 2014 11:40:00 +0000 Tom Goldman 36716 at http://ktep.org